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Автор: Қонаев Су Арнасы

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About the enterprise

  • Water supply
    The state utility company on the right of economic management "Konaevsu Arnasy" was founded in 1976-1980.

    Water supply to the city of Konaev is carried out from two sources:
    Underground water intake.

    The source of underground water intake is the underground waters of the Nikolaev deposit. The productivity of underground water intake is 15.36 thousand m³/day. Groundwater disinfection is carried out in clean water tanks located at the site of clean water control tanks. Chlorination is continuous, control over the supplied dose of chlorine is hourly.

    There are 6 clean water tanks with a total volume of V=22000 m3 on the site of pressure control tanks.
    Surface water intake - Kapshagai reservoir.

    Water from the reservoir is taken by six deep pumps of the station of the 1st rise and is fed through two pressure water conduits D = 400 mm to the filtering station. The productivity of water treatment facilities is 20.4 thousand m3/day. The scheme of water purification at the filter station is classical: coagulation, settling, filtration and disinfection.

    The Clean Water Reservoir (RCV) is designed to ensure uniform operation of pumping stations, smooth out peak flows, improve the reliability of the water supply system, as well as for contact chlorination and storage of water supplies for firefighting needs, emergency supplies and for own technological needs. On the site of the filtering station there is 1 reservoir of clean water, V=2000 m3.

              In accordance with Article 26 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Natural Monopolies" dated December 20, 2018, the subject of natural monopoly is obliged to quarterly post on its Internet resource or, in case of its absence, submit to the authorized body for posting it on the Internet resource "information about the reserve, availability free and available capacities, capacities, places, transmission capacities of networks of a natural monopoly entity, network layout and other property used in the provision of regulated services”.

              GKP on REM "Konaev Su Arnasy" of the city of Konaev, as a natural monopoly entity, in order to ensure transparency of consumer access to connection to water supply and sanitation services, presents to your attention information on the availability of free and available capacities, capacity of networks and systems of water supply and sanitation cities.

              In the city of Konaev, a centralized water supply system ensures the extraction of water from underground sources, disinfection and its supply to the consumer.

              For this purpose, the water supply system includes: wells - 5 units, clean water tanks with a volume of 2000 m3 - 2 units, a volume of 3000 m3 - 2 units, a volume of 6000 m3 - 2 units, a pumping station of the 1st lift - 1 unit. , pumping station of the 2nd lift - 1 unit, pumping stations of the 3rd lift to 9-storey buildings - 8 units, hydrolysis plant for water disinfection 1 unit, water supply networks 288.6 km, sewerage networks 171.6 km.

              The quality of underground water meets the requirements for the quality of water for household and drinking needs of the population, in accordance with GOST-2874-82 "Drinking Water" and SanPiN Order No. 209 dated March 16, 2015. Water quality control is carried out by a certified laboratory for drinking water quality control enterprises.

              The main production facilities of the enterprise

    - Installed throughput capacity of WWTF - 25.4 thousand m3/day

    - Number of sewer pumping stations - 12pcs.

    - Filter station capacity - 20.8 thousand m3 / day

    - Capacity of NS 1 lift - 25.4 thousand m3 / day

    - Well capacity - 15.36 thousand m3 / day

    - The length of water supply networks - 288.6 km

     - The length of sewerage networks is 171.6 km.

              The coverage of the city with centralized water supply is 95% of the population.

              The sewerage system of the city provides for the reception, treatment and disposal of wastewater. After using drinking and hot water, consumers dump them into the sewer network. The total length of sewer networks is 171.6 km. Wastewater pumping is provided by sewer pumping stations in the amount of 17 units. Wastewater from the main sewage pumping stations No. 4A, 6 through pressure collectors enters the sewage treatment plant. Quality control of incoming and treated wastewater is carried out by a certified laboratory. The actual volume of wastewater is 18.0 thousand m3/day. Provision with centralized sewerage is 85%.

              The attached network layout allows the consumer to determine the availability of the network and the availability of the connection point before contacting the State Enterprise on the REM "Konaev Su Arnasy". The available installed capacities of the water supply and sanitation system enable individuals and legal entities to consider the issue of technical connection to the existing water supply and sanitation networks. Connecting consumers to water supply and sanitation systems is carried out on the basis of those